Learn to fly in safe hands


Let your ‘Couple’ of Instructors introduce you to this amazing sport we call paragliding! We’ll start by teaching you a bit of ‘ground handling’ then as soon as it’s appropriate, we’ll get you onto the tow line and into the air and flying!

Your first flights will range up to 300′ high, giving you plenty of altitude, and time, to be able to process all the different phases of flight. Don’t worry, one of our instructors will be in your ear via radio to help guide you from launch, through the climb out, to the release from the tow line, to flying free, and eventually to a gentle landing on the soft sandy beach below.

From there, the sky really is no limit, and we can take you as far as you would like to go with your new found passion! Yes, it can really be that addictive! Come join the fun!

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